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Melarie Odelusi

We’re thrilled to introduce our brand-new collection of front and back covers for your custom diary or notebook! This time we’ve teamed up with the talented Melarie Odelusi who brought these amazing pieces to life. The collection is a heartfelt tribute to the beauty and complexity of every woman; a celebration of the incredible strength, courage, and individuality, beautifully captured by Melarie. If you feel a connection to the messages conveyed by these pieces, why not choose one of them for the front or back cover of your personal diary or notebook?

Head over to our design tool and explore Melarie’s illustrations conveniently grouped under the “Collaborations” category. Mix and match your covers with your preferred layout and all the extras you want to create a diary or notebook that truly represents your unique style and spirit!

Melarie Odelusi diaries and notebooks

Meet Melarie, a visual artist based in Dallas-Fort Worth, USA. With an impressive portfolio that includes prestigious campaigns and collaborations such as Philosophy, Michaels Stores and Laura Mercier, Melarie has been creating artworks around themes like empowerment, representation, and storytelling. Through intentional lines, fluid textures and feminine hues, Melarie brings her drawings to life leaving a bold and impactful impression on the viewer. Her biggest source of inspiration are courageous women who defy societal expectations, embracing their true selves and illuminating the world with their authenticity. Melarie hopes that her work will evoke that very sense of liberation and freedom in those who encounter it.

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