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Pilot FriXion Clicker 0.5mm 5-pcs


Get 5 for the price of 4 with this set of 5 Pilot FriXion 0.5mm pens with erasable ink! The colours included are black, black-blue, green, violet, and pink. With Pilot FriXion, you get the clarity and colour intensity of a regular ink rollerball, but with the flexibility of a pencil - the best of two worlds! Try them out for your notes and doodles, your crosswords and puzzles, or to fill in your diary without worrying about mistakes.

The erasable ink in the FriXion pens is thermal and reacts to the friction created when you use the tip to erase. Regardless of whether it's a recent scribble or an older one that has long since dried, your mistakes are erased without paper damage and with no shadowing left behind. Pretty magical if we may say so!

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  • Pilot Frixion Clicker 0.5mm Black

  • Pilot Frixion Clicker 0.5mm Black Blue

  • Pilot Frixion Clicker 0.5mm Green

  • Pilot Frixion Clicker 0.5mm Violet

  • Pilot Frixion Clicker 0.5mm Pink

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